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As with any material, concrete will expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls. The length of the movement depends upon the severity of temperature change and the coefficient of thermal expansion of the concrete. The coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete is influenced largely by the coefficient of thermal expansion of the aggregates, since the aggregate occupies 70-80% of the volume of the concrete. This means that if the room in which you’re laying down concrete in your warehouse or commercial facility isn’t climate-controlled with proper ventilation to avoid moisture issues, there will be consequences with mold and mildew growth, the cement’s structural integrity, and the aggregates in the cement, which affect compaction. 

At The Budd Group, we understand the severity of these issues as well as the importance of proper concrete installation and maintenance. With the use of Polygon machines in addition to our experienced team, we will provide new flooring with sustainable longevity. 

How Will The Budd Group Difference Work for My Business

The use of Polygon machines makes sure the room is temperature-controlled, properly ventilated, offers adequate drainage, controls leaks, maintains water under the concrete slab, and more upon application and curing. This makes a huge difference in the outcome of your flooring for years to come. 

When compressive strengths are lowered, the segregation of the concrete mix under certain conditions results in variable quality throughout the concrete mass. Unpredictable quality is unacceptable, especially when it comes to the safety and efficiency of your team and business. 

How Moisture Mitigation Systems Affect My Building

Water is often a destructive force in the concrete application if used excessively. If the amount of water in the concrete isn’t monitored, there can be endless issues with the outcome of your flooring.  

These issues can include:

  • Cracks – Too much moisture/water will cause your concrete to have lower tensile strength and a tendency toward high shrinkage and subsequent cracking. This is especially apparent in buildings located in areas that have cold and hot climates.

  • Leaks – Once the cracks start in the concrete, more and more water is able to enter over time. This can disrupt the building as a whole if not remedied. 

  • Poor spacing between concrete slabs or greater spacing between aggregates in cement – This affects compaction of the slabs, which weakens the integrity of the flooring itself. Especially with heavy equipment and high-traffic warehouse floors, this is immediately detrimental.

How Concrete Temperature Control Methods Affect Your Building

A concrete structure is subjected to high temperatures, and it will fail in many different ways if the temperature isn’t controlled.

These failures may include:

  • Poor coloring surface appearance of the concrete: This can make your facility flooring look unkempt, unprofessional, and dirty, even when it’s not.

  • Lack of compressive strength – This will hurt the integrity of the flooring, causing cracks and leaks from equipment and daily wear and tear. 

  • Reduced elasticity and concrete density – Your flooring will struggle to keep up with the expansion and contraction rituals of the seasons, making it weaker and forced to crack.

How Proper Concrete Installation Services Reduce Microbial and Structural Integrity Issues

Without cracks, leaks, and other structural integrity issues in your flooring, you can better ensure a cohesive floor with the proper maintenance and installation techniques. Because water and heat often lead to mold, mildew, and other allergens, not taking these steps will result in employee health issues, an unhygienic warehouse, code violations, and more. 

Avoid all of these issues when installing and maintaining your concrete slabs throughout your building with The Budd Group. Contact us today at (800) 380-7765 to learn more about how our team of experts and our state-of-the-art equipment will help your business and building remain sustainable.

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