Commercial and residential properties rely on a number of safety and security measures to protect their people, assets, and information, such as hiring security personnel, installing closed-circuit cameras, and properly locking doors, safes, and other compartments. Without proper locking mechanisms, even the most well-guarded facility is susceptible to theft or vandalism, whether from an outside source or someone within the organization. This is why businesses must take care of their locks and invest in new ones when necessary. Partnering with a reliable locksmith is an important step in keeping your facility safe and secure. The Budd Group’s locksmith services are included in our building maintenance offerings.

What’s Included in Our Locksmith Services?

Locking mechanisms have come a long way since their inception. While standard mechanical locks and keys are still useful today, they make up a small part of a much bigger picture. Now, a facility might be outfitted with electronic locks that scan fingerprints or ID cards, or that require an inputted numerical sequence. Some locking devices even have fail-safes that prevent continued attempts at opening them. The Budd Group is equipped to handle any and all types of locks, from the simplest design to the most technologically advanced device. Simply put, if it’s a matter of security, we deploy the right experts for the job. Some of the tasks and roles our locksmiths handle include:

  • Preventative maintenance of manual doors and locks
    • Misaligned latches
    • Sagging doors
    • Broken levers and hinges
    • Corrosion prevention
  • Access control installation, calibration, and implementation
  • Safe technician
  • Installing new mechanical keys and locks
  • Key and lock repair and replacement
  • …and more

The Budd Group Difference

Maintenance services are about so much more than just keeping a building clean and beautiful. Facilities must remain safe and secure as well. That said, every facility faces unique challenges, and The Budd Group is prepared to meet them. Whether your facility is outfitted with simple mechanical locks on its doors or a large electronic access control system, our team will make sure your security systems are functional, accessible, and optimized for your needs.

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