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Without a second thought, employees, customers, and guests expect the lights to turn on when a flip is switched. Indeed, lighting systems are often taken for granted, running in the background of normal operations. It’s only when lights start to flicker, fade, or burn out entirely that we recall their importance. Without working lights, facilities become unsafe and inefficient. Poor lighting also hides potential problems with machinery and surfaces and affects everyone’s moods for the worse, hurting a business’ productivity and reputation. Additionally, an outdated, malfunctioning, or improper lighting setup can become quite costly, as The U.S. Department of Energy reports that lighting systems make up 20% of a commercial facility’s total energy output. For all of these reasons, proper lighting system maintenance is essential for all facilities.

What Lighting System Maintenance Entails

Many tasks are involved in keeping up a building’s lighting systems, such as cleaning, repair work, replacement, calibration, and even painting. All of these seemingly disparate duties are designed to maximize bulb longevity and efficiency, reduce energy costs, and ensure safety. To be more specific, lighting system maintenance includes the following procedures:

  • Cleaning light fixtures annually as normal dust accumulation can reduce output by 10% each year.
  • Checking ballasts and their published ballast factor
  • Inspecting electrical components
  • Replacing lamps and all other replacement components with those with the same performance characteristics
  • Inspecting dimmer presets on a regular basis
  • Mechanically or electronically recalibrating lighting presets when necessary so they meet initial requirements
  • Repainting rooms every 2-3 years to maximize reflectivity and boost visibility

In order to keep track of all of these tasks, facilities and/or building maintenance providers should have a written lighting maintenance policy in place. This policy will outline key maintenance practices to maintain and optimize lighting systems on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, such as:

  • Detailed procedures for relamping, re-ballasting, and cleaning fixtures
  • Detailed procedures for adjusting and recalibrating controls, sensors, etc.
  • Schedules and logs for cleaning fixtures, relamping, etc.
  • Rules for lamp and ballast disposal
  • Detailed blueprints of the facility and diagrams of equipment and fixtures
  • List of equipment and service provider contacts and resources

The Budd Group Difference

At The Budd Group, our approach to facility maintenance is holistic, encompassing every aspect and component that keeps a building and business safe and successful. This includes lighting systems maintenance. Our providers can handle any type of lighting system in any industry, and our services are tailor-made for each specific client and their needs. Whether you require office maintenance services, condominium janitorial and landscaping, hospital cleaning — you name it — we have it covered.

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