Laundry Services

A facility’s cleanliness depends on more than just well-scrubbed floors, dusted shelves, and organized materials. Most bare-bones cleaning services are obviously expected to cover these basics. The Budd Group goes further, offering commercial laundry services to clients who cycle through large amounts of washable sheets, linens, towels, uniforms, or anything else.

What Do Commercial Laundry Services Entail?

Our commercial laundry services are designed to clean large loads as efficiently as possible and in compliance with all relevant industry regulations. We help manage our clients’ inventory so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Once washed and dried in our on-site industrial laundry facility, all materials are properly ironed and folded so they’re ready to be received and used immediately. Our laundry service providers work with each client to establish the optimal schedule for cleaning and delivery. This way, no facility is left without their items or stuck with unsanitary products.

Who De We Serve?

At The Budd Group, we’re prepared to serve clients in any industry, including the hospitality and healthcare industries, both of which require compliance with federal regulations. For instance, cleaning guidelines for healthcare facilities as set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) lay out the water temperatures at which materials should be washed, how they should be sorted and transported, etc. Our professional commercial cleaning crews also serve educational facilities, apartment complexes, restaurants, biomedical facilities, religious institutions, industrial plants, athletic spaces, and much more. If a facility has objects that need washing on a regular basis, we have it covered.

The Budd Group Difference

Laundry services are just one small component of our commercial cleaning offerings. The Budd Group’s janitorial services also include dedicated floor cleaning, environmental services, grease pit cleaning, industrial cleaning, and more. Whatever our clients’ cleaning needs, our trained personnel will get the job done.

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