Turf Management Consultation

A commercial landscape is composed of many parts — shrubs, trees, flowers, constructed installations, etc. — but the landscape’s grass or turf serves as the foundation for everything else. If said turf is poorly maintained, a landscape loses its appeal, no matter how well it’s decorated. More importantly, failing to properly care for your lawn can have negative environmental effects and even pose various health threats. The bottom line: business and property owners must obtain reliable landscape maintenance services to inspect, test, repair, replace, and/or install grass or artificial turf on a routine (and as needed) basis. 

The Budd Group’s turf management consultation services act as an efficient avenue for our clients to access precisely who and what they need to improve their green spaces.

Connecting Clients to Comprehensive, Custom Lawn Care

Finding the best lawn maintenance service for your landscaping needs can be time-consuming and fraught with regret without a helping hand. At The Budd Group, we take the guesswork and toil out of this important selection process. Because we know the ins and outs of turf management ourselves, we can direct our clients to trusted vendors in our network. Beyond that, we offer services, such as turf testing and evaluation, warranty analysis, maintenance consulting, and much more. Whether you choose us for your various turf management needs or employ our expertise to match you with reliable contractors, we are there every step of the way.

The Budd Group Difference

Rather than manage from behind a desk, our landscape managers and consultants oversee projects from the field. This hands-on approach allows us to develop a deep understanding of each client, their facilities, and their landscape so we can provide custom solutions and useful advice. Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients effectively manage and enhance their landscapes, not merely maintain them.

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