Tractor and Bush Hog Work

When it comes to maintaining your landscape, not everything can be done by hand — sometimes, more powerful equipment is called for. And yet, even machinery like standard lawnmowers struggle to cut down every inch of a landscape. Shrub and tree limbs, partial trunks, dense, tall grass, rocks, stones, and root balls, for instance, must be removed in a different way. Tractors and bush hogs (also called brush hogs) are designed to clear heavy brush and stubborn material from a lawn for aesthetic and practical reasons. At The Budd Group, our landscape maintenance services include tractor and bush hog work for all types of commercial and residential properties.

How Bush Hogging Works

A bush or brush hog is a piece of machinery that attaches to a tractor or high-powered mower via a three-point hitch. The tractor or mower provides the power that allows the hog’s rotary blades to spin. Unlike mower blades, bush hog blades are dull and placed on hinges so they can overpower and remove thick growth without getting stuck or damaged. Before use, the bush hog should be carefully inspected and cleaned. The operator must then decide when and where to drop the hog — unlike a standard lawnmower, a bush hog doesn’t hover just above the ground at all times. Our operators work efficiently but methodically, making sure that we remove the greatest amount of unwanted growth in a single motion.

Why is Bush Hogging Necessary?

As previously mentioned, bush or brush hogging allows professional landscapers to remove unwanted dense growth where a standard mower would fail or break down. One might seek these services for a number of reasons. Land that has been neglected for a long time might be riddled with overgrown shrubs, roots, grass, and weeds — bush hogging can efficiently clear these elements away. A business might also decide to expand its landscape and/or use it for different purposes. Or, a property might require light bush hog work as part of its routine maintenance and landscape debris removal efforts. Whatever the case, clearing away overgrown limbs, dead land, obstructive rocks, etc. helps the lawn breathe and grow more easily, potentially aiding the landscape’s ecosystem and enhancing a lawn’s appearance.

The Budd Group Difference

No matter the size, status, or composition of a given landscape, The Budd Group deploys the best, highly-trained professionals to meet every client’s unique needs. Tractor and bush hog work is only the tip of the iceberg of our offerings. We are not a one-size-fits-all lawn maintenance service but rather a customer-oriented landscape and facility solutions provider.

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