Shrub Installation and Pruning

Without the presence of well-maintained and strategically-placed plant life, a landscape is little more than an empty patch of grass, regardless of how vibrant it might otherwise be. In addition to our pots and planter programs and seasonal color installations, The Budd Group offers shrub installation and pruning services to make residential and commercial green spaces more vibrant and welcoming. Whether you need to install shrubs for the first time, replace your previously planted shrubs, or cut your shrubs down to size, our experienced lawn maintenance service teams deliver customized solutions for each and every client.

Shrub Installation

Proper shrub installation begins with an understanding of the regional climate. One of our roles, then, is to help our clients select the optimal shrub types for their location. From there, we work closely with each customer to understand their personal preferences and unique landscape design. When it’s time to install said shrubs, we perform landscape debris removal to clear the area before incorporating the proper soil and fertilizers to promote growth and overall plant health. By doing so, we help ensure that all shrubs thrive in their environment, endure potential threats, and last as long as possible with proper care.

Shrub Pruning

No matter how well the shrubs take after being installed, their health and longevity depend on regular maintenance. In addition to ensuring that each shrub receives enough water and nutrition from the soil, overgrown, dying, diseased, and/or dead branches must be pruned in a timely fashion. Routine, seasonal shrub pruning not only prevents these plants from taking up too much space and/or withering away — it also makes way for new, healthy growth, which promotes the overall longevity of these plants and improves their appearance. Our landscape maintenance services are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools for proper pruning, carefully cutting branches at joints and bases as needed.

The Budd Group Difference

At The Budd Group, we base our success on the success and satisfaction of our clients. As such, we approach each project (landscaping or otherwise) with the highest level of care, quality, and safety. Whereas other service providers might take shortcuts, our teams take the time to provide tailor-made solutions that last. So, if it’s time to replace or reinvigorate your landscape’s shrubbery, look no further than The Budd Group’s installation and pruning services.

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