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Caring for a property requires more than simply maintaining the building itself. The land surrounding your property must be maintained as well, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Lawn care is no small task, especially if you’re in charge of a large swath of green space. A range of tasks must be performed at various intervals (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) to ensure your landscape remains healthy and beautiful. In many cases, it pays to hire expert landscaping services to handle some or all of these duties for you. Here’s what you can expect from The Budd Group’s landscape service contracts.

Landscape Contract Services We Offer

Our landscaping experts can perform any and all necessary tasks relating to lawn maintenance, repair, and improvement, including but not limited to:

    • Athletic field
      • Installation & maintenance
      • Lining & setup for games
      • Topdressing & turf management
      • Artificial turf infill
    • Commercial installations
    • Commercial landscape maintenance
    • Complete fertilization & pest management
    • Erosion control
  • Irrigation services (installation & management)
  • Landscape installation
  • Mowing, trimming, edging & blowing
  • Pine needle & mulch installation
  • Pots & planter programs
  • Renovation design & installation
  • Repairs
  • Seasonal color installation
  • Service contracts
  • Shrub installation & pruning
  • Site planning
  • Snow & ice removal
  • Sod replacement
  • Soil testing
  • Storm debris removal & cleanup
  • Tractor & bush hog work
  • Tree pruning, removal & installation
  • Turf management consultation
  • Water resource management
  • Weed control for beds & turf

Up-Front, Transparent Contracts

No two landscapes are exactly the same. The range of landscape services you require will depend on the size and type of your lawn, the number of trees and bushes present, your regional climate, personal preferences, and much more. This is why our contract specialists work closely with each and every client to ensure all their needs are being met and that no unnecessary or unwanted services end up in their contract. For instance, our seasonal color programs are considered extra services, along with turf fungicide applications and more. We offer these services, but only if the customer asks for them. Ultimately, our service contracts itemize every task our teams will perform in a given period of time so there is no room for confusion and no risk of surprise fees, etc.

Scheduled Maintenance and Payment Plans

Proper landscaping is time-sensitive. Certain tasks must be performed at various intervals. Pruning, for example, often occurs at a minimum of four times a year. In order to ensure that all landscaping services are properly performed without interfering with a property’s operations, we develop client-specific schedules for each item. Additionally, our teams can adjust schedules as needed with enough notice and justification. We also divide payments for most of our landscaping services to coincide with each visit.

If you’re in need of professional lawn care services, go with a contractor that not only offers the services you require but also lays them out in detailed, transparent, and fair documentation — go with The Budd Group.

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