Renovation Design and Installation

Keeping your property appealing and up-to-date isn’t just about building maintenance — you must take all of your property into account, including your landscape. That said, caring for your landscape is no small task, and it can be made even more challenging if it isn’t efficiently designed. For instance, certain grass types do better in specific regions, lawns can be difficult to maintain if not properly edged, and so on. Overcoming these problems involves proper renovation, design, and installation. Fortunately, The Budd Group offers these services and more.

Landscaping Renovation

Landscape renovation encompasses all tasks relating to restoring and/or improving a property’s green spaces and plant life. Effective renovations depend on the landscaper’s understanding of and adherence to the client’s needs, goals, and desires, as well as the circumstances surrounding the landscape, such as regional climate, eco-system, etc. In other words, both aesthetics and practicality are essential. After all, the previous landscape requires renovation for a reason, which either relates to its appearance, its function, or both. Before we begin the renovation process, our teams will perform landscape debris removal to ensure the area is completely cleared and ready to receive new installations, soil, mulch, and so on.

Landscaping Design

The design portion of landscaping is closely related to renovation because a proper renovation requires optimal design and planning. Once again, landscape design is both a visual and functional matter and our teams work closely with each client to determine the types of grass and plant life that best suit their needs. Then we consider how these various installations should be laid out for the sake of beauty and efficiency, asking questions such as, “what will catch the most eyes of those passing by the property?” and, “how can we best arrange this landscape for efficient maintenance?”

Landscaping Installation

After the planning stages are complete, our teams move to the installation phase. Landscape installations refer to any exterior features related to landscaping that are planted in or affixed to a given section of land, such as gardens, potted plants, patios, decorative features, and much more. We understand that proper installation is the first step to long-lasting, easy-to-maintain results.

Whether your existing landscape needs an update or your new property requires the installation of green spaces and plant life, The Budd Group has you covered.

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