Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management

Water is integral to nearly everything we do as humans. And while water is a renewable resource, it is not unlimited in supply, which is why industries and municipalities must focus on proper water resource management. Modern technology has made it easier than ever before for facilities to regulate their water intake and output to minimize waste, save money, and optimize water use. At The Budd Group, we are always looking ahead to find innovative equipment and new products capable of helping us and our clients become safer and more efficient in delivering environmentally friendly solutions.

What Is Water Resource Management?

Water resource management refers to systems and methods aimed at understanding and cooperating with nature’s water cycle to maximize economic benefits and minimize environmental impact. This holistic approach to water management hinges on four key features:

  • Water Supply — maintaining the viability of surface water and groundwater while optimizing distribution and storage
  • Stormwater Management — water from precipitation (i.e.) rain contains pollutants and may negatively affect waterways, and therefore must be properly filtered or separated from usable water
  • Wastewater Treatment — the leftover water from facility use must be properly disposed of or recycled in proper ways
  • Conservation of Water Sources — proper indoor and outdoor water usage and integration with green technologies helps conserve the maximum amount of water while still providing what’s necessary for facility and individual use.

Proper facility management depends on working with — not against — the environment’s natural cycle of water distribution.

Managing Facility Landscape Water Use

The Budd Group is more than your average lawn maintenance service. Water resource management is an integral part of our landscape service offerings. We know that if a client’s irrigation systems are outdated, poorly calibrated, neglected, or malfunctioning, they will waste valuable resources, lose money, and possibly fall out of compliance with industry and local regulations. Our irrigation services focus on setting facilities up with the latest in water resource technology, including responsive rain sensors, Wi-Fi capabilities, automated, smart controls, and more. We also perform regular irrigation audits to ensure the ongoing optimal performance of these systems.

The Budd Group Difference

The Budd Group is committed to providing comprehensive green landscaping services — proper water resource management is key in achieving these aims. As members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), we have dedicated staff members to help our clients stay current with the latest LEED and USGBC information in order to achieve maximum LEED credits for their facilities.

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