Landscape – Green Solutions


As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), The Budd Group is dedicated to managing our business – and your facilities – in an environmentally responsible manner. Accordingly, it is our corporate policy to protect the quality and diversity of our environment and continually improve our performance with regards to sustainable, ecologically sound best practices.

The Budd Group can help you reduce your impact on the environment through our family of Green Programs, which exceed LEED standards and meet CIMS-GB standards. We also provide environmentally friendly solutions for customers who are currently pursuing LEED certification to help them reach compliance.


The Budd Group is committed to employing environmentally friendly practices for the maintenance of our customers’ sites. Our environmentally sensitive management program addresses the essential elements of building and grounds maintenance.

Program Highlights

Smart Water Management
Landscape irrigation consumes 58% of urban water, and sites can be overwatered by as much as 300%. While water rates are rising by an average of 43% across North America, the real cost of overwatering is property destruction, water runoff and liabilities – which can be significantly higher than water bills.

Smart water management is at the heart of The Budd Group’s Green Solutions. A well-designed irrigation system will minimize cost while delivering the correct amount of water to plants and turf to promote vigor and health. To help you start saving water, our smart water management program includes an audit of your existing irrigation system and the conversion of the old system to a more efficient system.