If a Hurricane Forces You to Close Your Business, How Will You Keep It Running? We Can Help!

Hurricane season may be officially over this year, but it’s never too soon to start preparing for the next big storm. A severe weather event may temporarily put your business out of commission, taking a major blow to your bottom line. While it’s in your best interest to reopen as quickly as possible, you must do so strategically, safely, and in accordance with relevant laws. The Budd Group is here to help you keep your business running after it’s hit by a hurricane or other major weather event -- here’s how.

How to Keep Business Running After a Hurricane

Protect Your Assets

If a storm damages or destroys key features and systems of your facility (i.e. electrical components, plumbing, fire safety systems, etc.), you won’t be able to resume operations in a safe or efficient way until these components are repaired or replaced -- it goes without saying, but this doesn’t come cheap and it can take a long time. While some events are out of your control, you can at least reduce the odds of a major operational obstacle by relying on us for your building maintenance needs. Our diverse team of professionals will ensure that your facility’s most important features remain in optimal shape so they’re well-guarded against heavy rains, high winds, and more. Investing in this high-level preventative maintenance will help you avoid major costs and setbacks associated with repairs and replacements.

Quickly Address Necessary Repairs

Of course, a strong enough hurricane can render some preventative measures ineffective. In the event that your business does encounter damages such as broken pipes, shattered windows, stripped shingles, and so forth, you can rely on The Budd Group to efficiently assess these concerns and make the necessary repairs to help get your business back open. Best of all, by teaming up with us for all your facility management needs, you won’t have to spend hours looking for reliable repair contractors.

Keep Your Business Safe and Accessible

Even if your business is in a position to resume internal operations, you cannot safely reopen until your facilities are accessible by all employees and customers. After a hurricane or other major storm, your property might be surrounded by fallen branches, power lines, and other debris of various types and sizes. By taking advantage of our storm debris removal services, you can rest assured that all detritus gets cleared away from your business in a safe and swift manner.

Comply with State and Local Guidelines

Physical obstacles aren’t the only things standing in the way of your reopening, however. State and local mandates might prevent you from legally reopening until certain requirements are met. A representative from OSHA, the EPA, or another governmental body may come to inspect your property’s exterior and interior to ensure that your business is in the proper condition to resume operations. At The Budd Group, our various employees are well-trained to abide by these various regulations to keep our clients compliant. This way, you can open back up more quickly following a storm and avoid legal fees, fines, and other penalties.

Stay Prepared for Future Storms

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that your business can keep running after a hurricane or major storm is to stay prepared for these weather events. Our facility support offerings are here to help you do just that. In addition to offering our various maintenance, janitorial, and landscaping services, we help our clients improve their safety protocols and create contingency plans to maximize safety and minimize property damage. Read our previous blog for more on how our janitorial services can help with storm and emergency preparedness. And to learn more about what The Budd Group can do for your business during hurricane season and beyond, call us today at 800-221-8158, or send us an email at Solutions@BuddGroup.com!

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