Every modern facility heavily relies on electrical systems. Industrial plants need enough consistent power to meet production deadlines, medical institutions keep patients comfortable and healthy with the aid of electricity, data centers collect, store, and transfer information through secure electronic means, and the list goes on. Even smaller, less technical businesses have to keep the lights on and registers running.

The bottom line is this: a building that lacks functional electrical systems presents many problems for its tenants, customers, and guests. The Budd Group’s electrical facility maintenance program provides properties with a holistic approach to electric upkeep. From preventative maintenance of primary electrical systems to repairing light fixtures, our team will keep the current flowing safely through your business or residence.

Why Preventive Electrical Maintenance is Key

While our providers can fix and replace broken electrical components if necessary, we prioritize preventative building maintenance to help our clients avoid large costs associated with repair work, injury, or worse. By regularly inspecting all electrical equipment and systems, our team can locate smaller problems and stop them from getting worse. This way, a facility is less likely to experience unexpected outages, malfunctions, or electrical hazards.

What We Maintain, Monitor, and Fix

If it produces or is powered by electricity, The Budd Group will keep it in check. The systems we maintain include but are not limited to:

Primary Systems

    • Breaker panels
    • Transformers
    • Meters
    • Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI)
    • Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI)
    • Voltage regulators
    • Switches
    • Wiring Distribution
    • Motors
    • Grounding and overcurrent protection
    • Motor controls

Lighting Components and Fixtures

      • Security lighting
      • HID lighting
      • Light bulb and ballast changing
      • Parking lot lighting
      • Motion sensors, photocells, and timers
      • Fluorescent lighting
      • Emergency lighting
      • Recessed lighting

Specialty and Secondary Systems

    • Standby/backup generators
    • Battery-powered systems
    • Voice/Data/Video
    • Alarms and security systems
    • Mail systems testing
    • Telecommunications systems
    • Overall surge protection

If your facility or office maintenance services don’t cover electrical systems, it’s time to make a change. Whatever your electrical needs or concerns may be, The Budd Group can help.

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