Doors and Locks

Safety and security must come first for any business, no matter its size. In addition to hiring security personnel and installing closed-circuit cameras, it’s imperative that your doors and locks are well-maintained and fully functional. Faulty locks and doors leave a facility open to multiple threats. For instance, malicious actors can gain entry to a poorly secured facility and harm employees and/or steal important information. Additionally, doors that are loose or damaged can lead to injury and negatively affect a facility’s airflow. The Budd Group’s door and lock facility maintenance services will reinforce your building’s security and protect your people.

How We Handle Door and Lock Maintenance

Doors and their locking mechanisms can vary widely, meaning a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work for this type of building maintenance. Some doors are operated manually, while others have automatic functions. Likewise, locks can be mechanical (opened by a specific key) or electronic (requiring a passcode, fingerprint, or another form of digital identification.) Every type of door and lock requires regular inspection and maintenance to keep a facility safe. At The Budd Group, we deploy experts who know how all types of doors and locks work. When maintaining a building, we make sure to examine and test every lock. If an electronic lock is malfunctioning, our team will run diagnostics to address the issue. And if a mechanical lock no longer works as it should, we will replace it and make sure the right people retain access by distributing the proper keys. In addition to inspecting, maintaining, and repairing doors and locks, we can also aid in the installation of new door and lock options if the client wishes to update or change this aspect of their facility for any reason.

Secure Your Personnel and Information

Proper facility maintenance is about more than just cleaning and painting. Your office maintenance services should also tend to the security and safety of your facility. Checking up on your doors and locks is one of many ways to keep your workplace in the best shape possible.

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