Don't Have a Green Thumb? Here Are Some Irrigation Services for Your Residence

No matter the location or size of your property, keeping its green spaces healthy and appealing while maintaining optimal water efficiency can feel like climbing up a slip and slide -- an uphill wet mess. Of course, the larger and more complex your residence is, the more challenging this task becomes. Relying on manual irrigation processes is inefficient and often a recipe for disaster, as humans are prone to error and neglect. While investing in a state-of-the-art automated irrigation system can incur a large cost upfront, the benefits will speak for themselves, ensuring that your landscape gets the nutrients it needs without draining your water supply. With that in mind, if your thumb is anything but green, here are some key irrigation services to consider for your residential property.

Best Residential Irrigation Services

Irrigation System Installation

First, you’ll need to have professionals install a quality irrigation system on your property. These systems are composed of several components, including sprinklers, valves, gauges, filters, regulators, sensors, software, and more. Before installing an irrigation system, your contractor will need to carefully assess your property and its landscape to determine optimal placement and calibration of these components. In total, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to fully install such a system. Ideally, your irrigation experts will inform you or your residential/condo maintenance company on how to operate and maintain said system so you or they can get the most out of it and stay alert to potential problems.

Irrigation System Preparation/Weatherization

No matter how well-built your irrigation system may be, environmental changes can damage its components and/or render them useless without proper precautions. As such, you must invest in professional irrigation weatherization services to prevent such negative outcomes. Prior to winter, this process includes insulating valves, turning off controllers, draining pipes, and more. After winter, irrigation specialists will carefully and gradually re-activate your system by reinstalling key components, turning on water slowly, re-calibrating sensors and software, and so on.

Irrigation System Audits

Big seasonal changes aren’t the only factors that put your irrigation system in harm’s way. Day-to-day events, normal wear and tear, a lack of landscape debris removal, and malfunctions can reduce the functionality and efficiency of your irrigation system, which is why receiving regular audits is key to keeping your landscape healthy. During an irrigation audit, inspectors will check each component, such as the valve box, master valve, individual nozzles, backflow preventer, manifold, etc., and run tests to measure the system’s overall performance. Read our previous article, “Irrigation Audits – Make Sure Your System Works,” for more details on these important assessments.

Irrigation System Repairs and Replacements

After an audit is performed, should the inspector(s) notice any problems, they will either make necessary repairs and replacements or refer you to another irrigation/lawn maintenance service to handle these tasks. Some common problems include broken/damaged sprinkler heads, faulty sensors, and malfunctioning/obsolete software. Whatever the case may be, investing in these repairs immediately is crucial for keeping your lawn healthy and your water bills low.

A Greener Thumb and Wallet

If you’re looking to enhance and protect your property’s green spaces, you need to invest in a quality irrigation system, weatherize it as needed, perform routine audits, and make necessary repairs in a timely fashion. Why hire disparate contractors to handle each of these crucial tasks when you could hire the complete facility management services services offered by a business like The Budd Group? Our irrigation specialists are equipped to install, maintain, weatherize, audit, and fix any and all irrigation systems so you can enjoy a greener, healthier lawn without high long-term expenses. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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