Disinfection Services and Coronavirus Cleaning in Durham, NC

The Budd Group provides coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfection services for Durham, NC businesses, offices, and government buildings.  If your facility has been determined “essential” and must remain open during a “shelter in place” order, our building disinfection services, including deep cleaning and touchpoint disinfection, can give you peace of mind.

What can I do to reduce the spread of Coronavirus?

The Budd Group has 57 years of experience in disinfection services. We can help you take extra precautions when it comes to infection control, while keeping everyone safer. As the largest janitorial, facility services, and disinfection provider in our markets, The Budd Group has the staff and experience to disinfect your Durham, NC facilities efficiently and safely. Plus, we know which tools, and which products, are most effective at killing pathogens and preventing their spread.

Cleaning and Remediation Disinfection

We understand finding a case of coronavirus in your facility leads to feelings of fear and uncertainty. But we can help you implement a prompt and effective response. If you need facility disinfection and deep cleaning following a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, a CDC compliant building disinfection program from The Budd Group is the solution. We will clean the affected area thoroughly and attentively, upholding all necessary protocol.

Electrostatic Spray Disinfection and Misting

For greater confidence, disinfect as many surfaces as possible with misting and electrostatic spray disinfection. Misting disinfectants using an electrostatic spray system gets to the hard-to-reach places in rooms, or work vehicles. It’s also safe for equipment and tools used in your essential facility, like ATMs or shopping carts.

Deep Disinfection and Touchpoint Disinfection

The Budd Group has the staff and equipment to completely disinfect and clean your facility during a shut-down or scheduled closure due to a shelter in place order. If you are an essential business, community members can still be protected. Our staff includes trained on-site disinfection technicians who can continually disinfect touchpoints during operation hours. Protect your Durham, NC business from illness: request your coronavirus disinfection proposal from The Budd Group today. Contact us by calling 1-800-380-7765. We look forward to serving you!

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