Can I Give You Some Feedback?

Have you ever been part of a 360 degree review process? The idea behind these programs is to give an individual a truly holistic view of their performance by asking for feedback from their supervisors, peers and direct reports. A long time ago, I had my own 360-degree review experience through the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). In other words, a long Continue Reading

Commercial Office Cleaning: 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource

When running a business or managing an office, you never want to be caught off guard. Still, prioritizing work above all else means your office’s cleanliness might take the backseat. To prevent this from happening, consider outsourcing your commercial office cleaning services. Here are five warning signs that you need to take action. You Saw a Mouse A single mouse Continue Reading

5 Simple Office Cleanup Tips to Keep Your Staff Happy at Work

A messy, disorganized, or all around dirty work environment can negatively affect productivity, morale, and retention—but a clean environment helps foster a more positive atmosphere for everyone. What are some ways to maintain a clean workplace for your staff? Set clear standards for bathroom/lunchroom etiquette Off all the communal spaces in a workplace, the lunchroom and restroom typically get the Continue Reading

Can Daily Office Cleaning Boost Employee Productivity?

You and your staff have a lot to handle on a day to day basis, so office cleanup might be your last priority. But, as it turns out, participating in daily office cleaning has been shown to increase employee productivity. Is it time to get into the habit of cleaning the office regularly? Cleaner Spaces, Fewer Sick Days Because bacteria Continue Reading

Does Your Office Cleaning Checklist Tick All These Boxes?

Workplaces both big and small are susceptible to disarray in a short amount of time. When it comes to cleaning the office, it can be difficult to know where to start. Every staff member should do their part to keep their individual areas clean, but less utilized spaces might end up neglected, while frequently used spaces can get dirty quickly. Continue Reading

Starting an Office Recycling Program? Read This First

Maintaining a clean work environment means keeping trash off the floors and in the garbage bin. As an individual staff member, you probably don’t think much of the waste you accumulate on a daily basis. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that up to 90% of waste produced by U.S. offices can actually be recycled. So, while it’s important Continue Reading

Waste Management: 5 Steps to Drastically Reduce Office Waste

During the hustle and bustle of a work day, we rarely have time to think about the waste we and our coworkers produce. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 90% of all office waste comes from paper. Add to that all the waste from plastic, metal, and food items, and you get a frightening picture of how Continue Reading

Green Janitorial Services: 5 Reasons to Go Eco-friendly

Green Janitorial Services: 5 Reasons to Go Eco-friendly Here at the Budd Group, we pride ourselves in our Green Janitorial Services. When you hire the Budd Group for your facilities, you are guaranteed a thorough, comprehensive clean, every time you use us. You may wonder why we place an emphasis on Green Commercial Cleaning. Do the cleaning products work well? Continue Reading

The New Narrative Leader

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group The New Narrative Leader Over the last few months, I’ve considered personal and work narratives and have begun to evaluate my need to change them. I’ve also been thinking about the narratives we cling to in business, and how we can change those to grow our organizations. Some companies fail because they cling to Continue Reading

New Year? New Job? What’s Your New Narrative?

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group Barbara just found out she got a big promotion. Her first thought? “Finally, I get to fire all these people because I can’t stand them.” Then Barbara realized those same colleagues who got on her nerves for years were now her top performers, and the key to her success. Managing people who used to Continue Reading

What Happens When We Abandon Our Own Goals?

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group Brian graduated from college with a degree in business and began working in sales and marketing at a regional construction company soon after. He became quite successful as the company grew quickly. Every year, Brian was promoted. Eventually a team of salespeople reported to him. Around that time, the company really took off, and Continue Reading

Welcome to 2018

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group Hard to believe, but 2018 is here!  By the second week of January, it’s likely that most people have already decided on some New Year’s Resolutions. For me, I love beginnings, like the beginning of a new year. It’s a fresh start with new possibilities. How about you? In many ways, beginnings give us Continue Reading

The Blessings of a Busy Holiday Season

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group How is your holiday season going? Let me tell you about how it’s going for my friend Andy, who celebrates Christmas. Andy is a young executive who travels extensively. He is married to Ginger, and together they have three young children. When we got together, Andy talked about how he had been bracing himself Continue Reading

Cultivating Healthy Relationships at Work

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group I recently had the awesome opportunity to speak to a group of college students and alumni at The Study Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. I talked about relationships at work, and the intersection of faith and work and how that is expressed in relationships we build through our personal lives and our work. College is Continue Reading

4 Stories of Personal Innovation in the Face of Change

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group When life seems perfect, I often dream about how beautiful it would be if everything were like that all the time ... and then, there’s a pause. What would it be like if everything were perfect all the time? Could you imagine a life, a family or a career that came up roses for Continue Reading