The Blessings of a Busy Holiday Season

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group How is your holiday season going? Let me tell you about how it’s going for my friend Andy, who celebrates Christmas. Andy is a young executive who travels extensively. He is married to Ginger, and together they have three young children. When we got together, Andy talked about how he had been bracing himself Continue Reading

Cultivating Healthy Relationships at Work

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group I recently had the awesome opportunity to speak to a group of college students and alumni at The Study Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. I talked about relationships at work, and the intersection of faith and work and how that is expressed in relationships we build through our personal lives and our work. College is Continue Reading

4 Stories of Personal Innovation in the Face of Change

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group When life seems perfect, I often dream about how beautiful it would be if everything were like that all the time ... and then, there’s a pause. What would it be like if everything were perfect all the time? Could you imagine a life, a family or a career that came up roses for Continue Reading

A Challenge to Choose Love

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group One of the most basic universal human needs is to love and to be loved. Most of us know this to be true, but there’s a mound of evidence (and plenty of Ted Talks) that back it up, too. Our need to be loved takes many forms, such as the need for touch. Just Continue Reading

How to Be a Wonder Woman Leader

Yasser Youssef President, The Budd Group I didn’t grow up with super heroes. My childhood was a little more serious than that. So now that I’m a grownup, I am captivated by the superhero movies that come out every summer. Naturally, I went to see Wonder Woman in the theater this month. I often leave these movies daydreaming about good Continue Reading