How Janitorial Cleaning Services Save Money and Increase Workflow

It should come as no surprise that hiring janitorial cleaning services can yield several benefits to a company. The question is, how? Companies want to prioritize productivity and maximize profits. Hiring quality janitorial services plays an important role in this pursuit. Let’s examine exactly how and why these services save a business money, time, and increase workflow. Hire the Best Continue Reading

5 Ways Snow Removal Services Help Companies Improve Customer Experience

It may still be fall, but those of us who live in areas with rough winters know that the first snowfall is likely just a few weeks away, if that. Even places that don’t normally see a lot of snow should prepare for such weather, considering how turbulent the climate has been in recent years. If you own a business, Continue Reading

Janitorial Services: Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Them

janitorial service
Have you ever noticed that you’re more likely to regularly visit places with clean floors, counters, and bathrooms? It’s no surprise that a well-maintained business tends to be more successful. In fact, hiring quality janitorial services for your business will reap several benefits, some you might not have thought about. Here are the top 5 ways janitorial services can benefit Continue Reading

How Waste and Recycling Services Help Companies Transform Their Workplace

When work piles up, deadlines loom, and the weekend lies just around the corner, the last thing we think about is the waste we produce. We hardly want to think about what to eat for lunch, let alone how to dispose of its wrapper or container. Nevertheless, proper recycling and waste management can truly transform a company in a few Continue Reading

5 Office Cleaning Tips Every Small Company Needs to Know

A clean office is a productive office. This goes for businesses both large and small. In one way, small companies might have an easier time keeping their offices clean, assuming these spaces are smaller than those of larger businesses. On the other hand, small businesses might not have the resources on hand to consistently keep the workplace organized and sanitary. Continue Reading

Can Small Office Cleaning Services Positively Impact Profits?

A clean workplace can go a long way. Many of us know this intuitively, but just how big of an impact does regular cleaning make on an office? Business both big and small can actually see an increase in profits by keeping its offices clean. At first glance, it might be difficult to see this direct correlation. With a closer Continue Reading

How to Spot the Best Window Cleaning Company for Your Business

Maintaining a clean exterior is crucial for every business. Potential customers are much more likely to enter a building that looks well cared for, as well as recommend your business to others, to achieve this, that means that cleaning businesses are more accessible to anyone making it as easy as visiting a Website. Windows are perhaps the most important part Continue Reading

Janitorial Services: How to Choose the Best Provider for Your Work Place

Your business cannot operate at full capacity if its offices aren’t clean, safe, and sanitary for everyone. If your company can’t provide janitorial services on its own, it must outsource and find the best cleaning provider possible. But what should a company look for in its janitorial services? If it’s time to hire a cleaning service for your workplace, make Continue Reading

Bless Bob’s Heart

bless your heart
He who dares not to offend can’t be honest. -- Thomas Paine 
Truth without love is too hard. Love without truth is too soft. - John Stott

 A group of colleagues and I were recently talking about somebody who did something really stupid. Our colleague, let’s call him Bob, made assumptions about someone he was meeting for the first time. Continue Reading

5 Ways Quality Janitorial Services Help Businesses Save Money

Business owners should always look for ways to save money and increase efficiency in the workplace. Newer business owners might think that cutting corners in certain areas will save them money. In reality, this can have the opposite effect, especially when it comes to cleaning services. Indeed, hiring quality janitorial services can actually help businesses save money each year. Here Continue Reading

Hospital Cleaning: 5 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Prefer to Outsource

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities must remain clean at all times. Without strict adherence to cleaning standards in healthcare, these buildings put every patient and visitor at risk. Germ-based diseases can spread more easily and nurses and doctors are more likely to fall ill as well, leading to further complications. To avoid these dire scenarios, many healthcare facilities choose Continue Reading

Can I Give You Some Feedback?

Have you ever been part of a 360 degree review process? The idea behind these programs is to give an individual a truly holistic view of their performance by asking for feedback from their supervisors, peers and direct reports. A long time ago, I had my own 360-degree review experience through the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). In other words, a long Continue Reading

Commercial Office Cleaning: 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource

When running a business or managing an office, you never want to be caught off guard. There are so many things that you need to consider though, not just the cleaning of your business. For example, you'll want to make sure that you have the latest business security camera systems installed so that you will never be caught off guard Continue Reading

5 Simple Office Cleanup Tips to Keep Your Staff Happy at Work

A messy, disorganized, or all around dirty work environment can negatively affect productivity, morale, and retention—but a clean environment helps foster a more positive atmosphere for everyone. What are some ways to maintain a clean workplace for your staff? 1. Set clear standards for bathroom/lunchroom etiquette Off all the communal spaces in a workplace, the lunchroom and restroom typically get Continue Reading

Can Daily Office Cleaning Boost Employee Productivity?

You and your staff have a lot to handle on a day to day basis, so office cleanup might be your last priority. But, as it turns out, participating in daily office cleaning has been shown to increase employee productivity. Is it time to get into the habit of cleaning the office regularly? Cleaner Spaces, Fewer Sick Days Because bacteria Continue Reading