8 Hacks For Getting Out of Never-Ending Meetings

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8 Hacks For Getting Out of Never-Ending Meetings

These tricks will get you out of your meetings earlier, giving you more family time.

If you’re constantly in conference calls) or meetings that go on and on, try what these mega-slammed parents do to stay on schedule. Plus, some go-to lines to keep on hand to keep your meeting on track.

1. “Keep all meetings to 45 minutes. That way, people have a chance to catch up before the next one.”

—Kim Kazemi, bank loan senior associate for NYL Investors LLC

2. “Always ask yourself, ‘What is the purpose of this meeting?’ before you accept the invitation. If you’re not sure, ask the person who invited you.”

—Barbara Nixon, executive coach, on Twitter

3. “Physical activity increases productivity. If possible, walk and talk.”

—Amanda Holst-Larsen, HR business partner at Pfizer Sverige, on Twitter

4. “Ensure the content is relevant for all attendees or arrange for people to attend for only the relevant parts.”

—Mike Morrison, business- and people-focused coach, on Twitter

5. “If half the meeting is done but not half the agenda, I ‘time-check,’ reminding everyone how many more minutes are left to speed things along. I do it again 10 minutes before the end of the meeting.”

—Italia Granshaw, chief of staff for a New York State Assemblymember

6. “Hold meetings standing up, and cut down on introductory chatter.”

—Kimberlee Phelan, partner at WithumSmith+Brown

7. “It’s OK to gently cut off someone midconversation if it’s not moving things forward. Just schedule a brief follow-up with them on the spot.”

—Matt Cohen, senior sales engineer at Splunk

8. “Make sure the agenda/purpose is limited, clear and communicated to everyone ahead of time.”

—Dorian Block, writer/editor

Phrases To Keep Meetings Focused

  • “I have a hard stop at...”
  • “Let’s table that for now.”
  • “To be considerate of everyone’s time...”
  • “To stick to the agenda...”
  • “I need to pick up my kid at...”
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