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A messy, disorganized, or all around dirty work environment can negatively affect productivity, morale, and retention—but a clean environment helps foster a more positive atmosphere for everyone. What are some ways to maintain a clean workplace for your staff?

Five Ways to Maintain a Clean Workplace for Your Staff

1. Set Clear Standards for Bathroom/Lunchroom Etiquette

Off all the communal spaces in a workplace, the lunchroom and restroom typically get the most use. Because food can be messy, it doesn’t take long for a clean lunchroom to devolve into a mess. Likewise, people themselves can leave quite the mess. While every employee expects these areas to be clean, not every employee contributes to maintaining their cleanliness.

One way to resolve this issue is to set clear rules for lunchroom/restroom conduct. Something as simple as posting signs around the lunchroom requesting that each staff member clean up after eating can make a big difference. You can also post signs in the restrooms. To add accountability, include a reminder that one person’s mess becomes everyone else’s.

2. Create an Office Cleaning Schedule

Not all workplaces hire someone (or multiple people) for cleaning purposes during the day. In these instances, it’s up to each employee to contribute to daily office cleaning. Of course, it would be unfair to drop this additional burden on one or two staff members. To share the load, create an office cleaning schedule that clearly indicates whose turn it is to clean what part of the office on a given day. Even the smallest task like cleaning the microwave once a day can make a huge difference. Maintaining a schedule will ensure that the office stays clean every day.

3. Provide Sanitary Products for Staff Members

Office cleanup isn’t just about wiping tables and sweeping up crumbs—it’s also about keeping germs at bay. It doesn’t take long for a cold (or worse) to spread around a workplace, especially during flu season. By providing items like hand sanitizer, tissues, and sanitary wipes for keyboards, etc., you can mitigate the spread of illness.

4. Introduce Seasonal Cleaning Programs

While daily office cleaning ensures that the workplace stays consistently clean, sometimes larger changes are necessary. Every few months or a change of season is often a good time to perform a deeper clean of all the nooks and crannies. This might mean setting aside a half-day for cleaning the office from top to bottom. Devising incentives for these seasonal projects (potluck, pizza party, competitions) can make this endeavor less of a drag.

5. Designate Clear Waste/Recycling Systems

While most of us try our best to get rid of our waste and recycle what we can, sometimes our laziness gets the best of us. If we can’t find a trash can or recycling bin, we might leave our garbage in undesirable locations. Creating clear signage for garbage, recyclables (plastic or paper), and even compost can streamline this process and encourage employees to get rid of their waste responsibly. This won’t just keep the office cleaner—it’s also more environmentally sound.

In the end, everyone wants to work in a clean environment. The more each staff member can do to keep their office clean, the better. But it’s also important to hire a dedicated office cleaning agency like The Budd Group to guarantee your workplace remains clean and safe. Call us today at 800-221-8158, or send us an email at Solutions@BuddGroup.com!

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