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A clean office is a productive office. This goes for businesses both large and small. In one way, small companies might have an easier time keeping their offices clean, assuming these spaces are smaller than those of larger businesses. On the other hand, small businesses might not have the resources on hand to consistently keep the workplace organized and sanitary. But even if a company can’t afford office cleaning services, there are things it can do each day to minimize clutter, keep surfaces clean, and maintain a healthy work environment.

1. Get Organized

While a huge portion of our workload now lives in the digital space, there are still practical applications for physical documents. The only problem is that papers can get lost, misplaced, or destroyed very easily. If left unchecked, this flurry of papers will become too big a problem to solve without starting over completely. To avoid this mess, you could try digital filing through using software such as FilecenterDMS to get organized. By transferring your paper files to your computer, finding your documents is much easier and your office could be much cleaner. However if your business prefers paper filing, be sure to create a heuristic for how files will be stored and when they’ll be destroyed. Alphabetical filing works well in some cases. Other companies might go by date, type of file, or importance of file. Each employee should take care of his/her own paper documents as well. By creating a system that works for the entire office, papers will rest in their proper places and cleaning will be much less stressful.

2. Make a Checklist

Organizing isn’t just about labeling and filing papers. It also involves following schedules and guidelines. Utilizing an office cleaning checklist will make cleaning incremental and easily digestible. Employees will know what needs to be done, what’s already been done, and when certain cleaning projects should take place. For instance, the checklist can include things that need be done every day, like clearing surfaces of crumbs, or sanitizing the restroom, or things that must be done weekly or monthly like vacuuming floors and dusting shelves. The tricky part is adhering to the checklist or schedule. Still, if you manage to do so, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief and avoid one massive cleaning project every few months.

3. Distribute Cleaning Assignments Evenly

A schedule for office cleaning is useless if no one takes the initiative to actually clean. With this in mind, the checklist should also include a cycle of who does what and when. Without a cleaning service on hand, each employee should do an even amount of cleaning to keep things fair. Designating assignments to staff will also help ensure that the project gets done by eliminating confusion as to who is responsible. Employees should also clean their own space on a daily basis so their mess doesn’t affect the office as a whole.

4. Know Where Trash Goes, and Why

Even small companies are bound to accumulate a lot of garbage in the office. It’s key that all staff members know where to put their garbage and also what to recycle. Bins should be clearly labeled and visible so the right materials make it to the right places. Employees should also know where to bring trash cans or bags for their garbage pickup service. Otherwise, the junk will continue to build up, making for a messy operation.

5. Keep Customers and Clients in Mind

If your small business is open to the public, you want to maintain a clean space to make a great impression. Keeping these public spaces clean should always be your first priority. This doesn’t mean you should neglect cleaning the places customers won’t see, of course. Rather, make it a point to always vacuum, dust, sanitize, and organize these areas of the office. If this is done daily, either after closing or before opening, you won’t be overwhelmed. As a bonus tip, hire a small office cleaning service if it’s in your budget. Not every new company can afford this, but hiring commercial cleaning services is a solid investment if you want to focus more on work and less on maintenance. The Budd Group works with companies both big and small, focusing on our customers’ specific needs to keep their offices as spotless and sanitary as possible. Call us at 800-221-8158 or send us an email at Solutions@BuddGroup.com today!

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